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    A Pilgrimage to Palestine: Early Travellers in the Holy Land
    Archaeology: Ancient Egypt, Egyptology
    Archaeology: Classical Antiquity
    Armour and Weapons
    Art and Modern Culture: New Books
    British Mandate in Palestine and Early Zionism: Documents, Reports, Narratives
    Cavalry: The Military Horse through the Ages
    China: Studies in Culture, History & Topography
    Coinage: Old and Rare Books
    Colours and Blood: The American Civil War. New Books
    Confronting History: New Books
    Crisis and Controversy: Political history and International Affairs
    Europa: History, Identity, and Politics. New Books
    Far East: Studies in Culture, Politics, History & Topography
    History of Economic Thought
    Iran: History, Geography, Culture
    Iraq: History, Geography, Culture
    Jewish Studies: New Books
    Military History, War and Revolution: New Books
    Military History: France, Germany, Great Britain
    Military History: General
    Military History: Holland
    Near East: Archaeology, Culture, History
    Painting a War: The Military Artist
    Photographic Literature
    Prints: Miscellany
    Sale: Bargain, Miscellany
    Tactics: The Art of Battle
    The French Revolution: From the Storming of the Bastille to Napoleon
    The Glory of Uniforms: Military Dress and Accoutrement
    The Holocaust: Studies and Narratives. New Books
    Those Ancient Fields: Studies of Palestine and the Holy Land
    World War I: The Great War
    World War II: New Books